Coventry Rise
Limited release of residential blocks in a bushland setting

Documents and plans

The documents and plans held within this section are not intended to replace a full search of such documents and plans at the time of purchase.

Sale plan

This plan is produced via our office and reflects the lots sold or under contract and those remaining for sale.

Coventry Rise sale plan

Coventry Rise sale plan

Coventry Rise extended sale plan


  • Lot 1 – 1193m² – SOLD
  • Lot 2 – 1083m² – SOLD
  • Lot 3 – 870m² – SOLD
  • Lot 4 – 895m² – SOLD
  • Lot 5 – 899m² – SOLD
  • Lot 6 – 873m² – $350,000
  • Lot 7 – 928m² – SOLD
  • Lot 8 – 1518m² – SOLD
  • Lot 9 – 1491m² – SOLD
  • Lot 10 – 1523m² – SOLD
  • Lot 11 – 1513m² – SOLD
  • Lot 12 – 1514m² – SOLD
  • Lot 13 – 1505m² – SOLD
  • Lot 14 – 1873m² – SOLD
  • Lot 15 – 1110m² – SOLD
  • Lot 16 – 857m² – SOLD
  • Lot 17 – 2709m² – SOLD
  • Lot 18 – 1788m² – SOLD
  • Lot 19 – 5076m² – SOLD
  • Lot 20 – 1029m² – SOLD

Sale documents

Stage 1 and 2 of Coventry Rise are now complete and on the market. The attached documents are those that reflect the marketing of this stage.

Coventry Rise Stage 2 Master Contract

Annexure C – Draft Coventry Rise Planning Permit

Annexure D – Draft Coventry Rise Part V Agreement

Coventry Rise Permit for Minor Amendment

Coventry Rise Stage 1 Survey Plan

Coventry Rise Stage 1 Schedule of Easements

Coventry Rise Stage 2 Survey Plan

Coventry Rise Stage 2 Schedule of Easements

Bushfire Management and Dwelling Construction

The Oceana Drive Residential Bushland and Transition Residential Development Plan has been prepared to guide construction of dwellings on the lots. The Development Plan forms part of the Clarence Planning Scheme 2007.

The lots have been designed and assessed as being suitable for building sites in proximity to bushland. They allow for construction with minimum further assessment of the fire hazard risks. This is dependent on any dwelling being located outside the designated Building Protection Zone and the Fuel Modified Buffer Zone as defined in the Part V Agreement below.

Buildings must also be designed to comply with ‘Building Attack Level 19’ (BAL 19). BAL 19 has fire management provisions that are close to standard construction methods.

Coventry Rise Bushfire Hazard Management Plan

Levels and contours

General Contours of the lots are available. These should not be used for house design but do give a general overview of the slope of the land involved. Contact for this information and the link to gain a full Detail Survey for house Design purposes.

Want to know more?

For sales enquiries please contact Charles Grant on 0418 175 580 or

For specialist advice relating to contours, boundaries, soil tests and the like contact Cromer & Partners Surveyors on 0419 353 414 or